The symbol of ”JPX” has a passion for Japan. 
 The icon design depicts "Mt. Fuji," which is a symbol of Japan and a World Heritage Site. The Japanese flag, the sun ☀️, illuminates the morning sun on Mt. Fuji. Through this, Japan has the image of building a new era. 
 We at ”Japan Excited Coin” remember the excitement and excitement of Japan of that era.
 Exciting Now!⚡

私たち、Japan Excited Coinは、あの時代の日本の熱狂と興奮を覚えています。
Exciting Now⚡

Japan Excitement Coin (JPX)

Regaining the power! あの時の元気を取り戻す! 1986~91年のバブルから、 30年経過した今!新たな興奮を! Exciting Now⚡ Get back to Japan! Thirty years have passed since the bubble economy from 1986 to 1991, and New Excitement⚡


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