Japan Excitement Coin(JPX)

The JPX project will improve the quality of communication through smart contracts on the blockchain. We carry out safe and reliable contact in many communications. JPX will never forget the excitement and excitement of Japan at that time. I am excited about this new attempt.

Exciting Now⚡

🔷Japan Excitement Coin (JPX) does not carry out ICO. Increase the number of holders with Airdrop, Rain and Tips in the community. List yourself to increase liquidity. This is to avoid loss due to ICO in individual holders.

JPX will travel with you to the moon🌙. I will never forget the excitement.

🔷JapanExcitement Coin(JPX)はICOを実行しません。 コミュニティのAirdrop、Rain、およびTipsで保有者の数を増やします。 流動性を高めるためにあなた自身をリストしてください。 これは、個人保有者のICOによる損失を回避するためです。

JPXはあなたと一緒に🌙moonへ旅行します。 興奮を忘れません。